Why Cryptoadz were chosen as the third NFT project to have its own marketplace

2 min readDec 30, 2021


As one of the top solidity/web3 programmers in the world by repertoire and resume, I could have chosen any NFT project as the basis for my open source NFT exchange, the third in the world behind LarvaLabs Cryptopunks Exchange and NotLarvaLabs Phunks Exchange. I chose to form https://swampz.io around the Cryptoadz above all else. Here is why:

  1. The Cryptoadz community is based upon complete decentralization, public domain art, and grassroots development. It is the first major NFT community to have this culture and, in my opinion, this culture is far ahead of its time in such a way that it will dominate in terms of sheer power.

A culture of decentralized development is able to scale exponentially. Since every Nth participant is a developer (whether that be code, derivative art, marketing, physical products, or otherwise) as the community grows the output will grow in tandem. It is not limited by a totalitarian centralized body and is unrestricted by legal barriers or copyright, nor is it dependent on continuous revenue income to keep such a centralized organization afloat over the long term.

2. There is no centralized body/corporation that will condemn or try to sue me for any particular imagery or methodology of Swampz.io (as there would be if it were an exchange built for other major projects. In August I attempted to formulate an exchange around Artblocks but was condemned by their community for proposing separate royalty fee structures. This is suboptimal.)

3. The artwork is inspired and beautiful (thanks Gremplin.) The vibey stoic culture is unmatched. This creates a strong, warm, and omni-loved community that I trust is supporting my efforts, wants to be a part of the story and the growth of the technology related to Web3 and NFTs in general.

If you are listing Cryptoadz and Cryptoflyz on any other NFT Marketplace, I encourage you to simultaneously list those NFTs on https://swampz.io as well. If you are placing bids on any other NFT marketplace for these assets, I encourage you to simultaneously place bids for those NFTs on Swampz.io. This way we can further decentralize the NFT space, reduce aggressive rent-seeking behavior, and through competition make all platforms have to work harder and strive harder. That is how things should work lest monopolistic platforms become lazy and ignorant to our pleas!

We like the Toadz. !vibe