OnSecondary.com is Vampire Attacking Opensea — using SOS

Just like Sushiswap vampire attacked Uniswap by revenue sharing with the SUSHI token, OnSecondary.com NFT marketplace platform is vampire attacking Opensea.io by revenue sharing with the SOS airdrop token.

50 basis points (0.50%) of all revenue that flows through OnSecondary.com powered NFT Exchanges (half of all profits) will be sent to the OnSecondary SOS Staking Donations Pool contract on OnSecondary.com.

These applicable NFT Exchanges, so far, are:

https://swampz.io — Cryptoadz and Cryptoflyz NFT Marketplace

https://baycmarket.io — Bored Apes and Mutant Apes Marketplace

Get started staking at OnSecondary.com and then be sure to drive traffic, interest and new users to swampz.io and baycmarket.io in order to take full advantage of your potential passive income revenue stream.

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