InfernalToast’s NFT Scavenger Hunt

2 min readApr 17, 2021

As a celebration to kick off the Gasless-NFT-Creation application (Deploy.Art) I have released an NFT scavenger hunt into the wild!

The un-minted NFT above is a 1/1 ‘Punk1164: Grafitti’ and there exists a set of 5 unique images for this project.

Deploy.Art’s killer feature is that it allows Artists to digitally sign an offchain ‘NFT Definition’ and share that as a link. Then, an NFT collector who visits the link can use the digital signature and definition data to mint the NFT on-chain on Mainnet!

The offchain digital signature of the artist locks all of the attributes of the NFT in stone: The URI, the max quantity, the artist address. The artists address will appear on the minted NFT data, proving that it was signed/authorized by the original artist for its conception.

By using the contents of this article, a savvy steganographer will find the offchain NFT definition for the image above and will be able to mint the first ‘Punk1164: Grafitti’ piece.

Good luck and have fun!

P.S. I hope you have been paying attention.

InfernalToast — Punk 1164