How does ERC20 Token Mining Work?

function mint(uint256 nonce, bytes32 challenge_digest) public returns (bool success) {uint reward_amount = getMiningReward();

bytes32 digest = keccak256(challengeNumber, msg.sender, nonce );

if (digest != challenge_digest) revert();

//the digest must be smaller than the target
if(uint256(digest) > miningTarget) revert();

uint hashFound = rewardHashesFound[digest];
rewardHashesFound[digest] = epochCount;
if(hashFound != 0) revert(); //prevent the same answer from awarding twice

balances[msg.sender] = balances[msg.sender].add(reward_amount);

tokensMinted = tokensMinted.add(reward_amount);

//set readonly diagnostics data
lastRewardTo = msg.sender;
lastRewardAmount = reward_amount;
lastRewardEthBlockNumber = block.number;

//start a new round of mining with a new 'challengeNumber'

Mint(msg.sender, reward_amount, epochCount, challengeNumber );

return true;
//a new 'block' to be mined
function _startNewMiningEpoch() internal {
//if max supply for the era will be exceeded next reward round then enter the new era before that happens//40 is the final reward era, almost all tokens minted
//once the final era is reached, more tokens will not be given out because the assert function
if( tokensMinted.add(getMiningReward()) > maxSupplyForEra && rewardEra < 39)
rewardEra = rewardEra + 1;
//set the next minted supply at which the era will change
// total supply is 2100000000000000 because of 8 decimal places
maxSupplyForEra = _totalSupply - _totalSupply.div( 2**(rewardEra + 1));
epochCount = epochCount.add(1);//every so often, readjust difficulty. Dont readjust when deploying
if(epochCount % _BLOCKS_PER_READJUSTMENT == 0)
//make the latest ethereum block hash a part of the next challenge for PoW to prevent pre-mining future blocks
//do this last since this is a protection mechanism in the mint() function
challengeNumber = block.blockhash(block.number - 1);
function _reAdjustDifficulty() internal {uint ethBlocksSinceLastDifficultyPeriod = block.number - latestDifficultyPeriodStarted;
//assume 360 ethereum blocks per hour
//we want miners to spend 10 minutes to mine each 'block', about 60 ethereum blocks = one 0xbitcoin epoch
uint epochsMined = _BLOCKS_PER_READJUSTMENT; //256
uint targetEthBlocksPerDiffPeriod = epochsMined * 60; //should be 60 times slower than ethereum//if there were less eth blocks passed in time than expected
if( ethBlocksSinceLastDifficultyPeriod < targetEthBlocksPerDiffPeriod )
uint excess_block_pct = (targetEthBlocksPerDiffPeriod.mul(100)).div( ethBlocksSinceLastDifficultyPeriod );
uint excess_block_pct_extra = excess_block_pct.sub(100).limitLessThan(1000);
// If there were 5% more blocks mined than expected then this is 5. If there were 100% more blocks mined than expected then this is 100.
//make it harder
miningTarget = miningTarget.sub(miningTarget.div(2000).mul(excess_block_pct_extra)); //by up to 50 %
uint shortage_block_pct = (ethBlocksSinceLastDifficultyPeriod.mul(100)).div( targetEthBlocksPerDiffPeriod );
uint shortage_block_pct_extra = shortage_block_pct.sub(100).limitLessThan(1000); //always between 0 and 1000//make it easier
miningTarget = miningTarget.add(miningTarget.div(2000).mul(shortage_block_pct_extra)); //by up to 50 %
latestDifficultyPeriodStarted = block.number;if(miningTarget < _MINIMUM_TARGET) //very difficult
miningTarget = _MINIMUM_TARGET;
if(miningTarget > _MAXIMUM_TARGET) //very easy
miningTarget = _MAXIMUM_TARGET;



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