Club S.O.S. — We are Decentralized Marketing

Dec 26, 2021


Club SOS — we are decentralized marketing

Club SOS, is a new marketing strategy flow for Web3 Applications. Club SOS allows the entire NFT userbase (SOS holders) to earn passive income risk-free from any Web3 Applications that want to revenue-share with them. Club SOS makes revenue share extremely simple using our battle-tested smart contract.

New web3 NFT applications can now revenue-share their profits through Club S.O.S. in order to make the SOS userbase financially incentivized to their success, effectively buying a massive marketing strategy with a small percent of future revenue and equity.

The Club SOS smart contract has been deployed to Mainnet, an exact fork of the heavily-tested ‘guild donations router’ on mainnet ( Read the smart contract here:

Stake your SOS at