Birbswap DEX and BIRB token

2 min readJun 18, 2021

-- is an alternative Frontend for UniswapV3 which prioritizes decentralized and neutral tokens and ditches the central bank IOUs (tether, USDC, WBTC) as they are unhealthy for Ethereum’s Ecosystem long-term.

Birbswap is better at routing ETH-BIRB by hopping through 0xBTC

‘Birbswap Frontend’ leverages all of the existing liquidity in UniswapV3, but it also upgrades the ‘Router’ so that it can more effectively hop along neutral, decentralized, trustless tokens like 0xBTC, BIRB, BSOV, WETH, and DAI.

While there are no current plans to use BIRB to govern BirbSwap, we believe that is a great idea for the future so that the community can help direct the upgrades to this alternative decentralization-focused Frontend for UniswapV3.

So that begs the question.. What is BIRB and where did it come from? The answer is actually cooler than you think!

BIRB is a completely neutral and trustless token, based only on mathematics. The only way anyone can ever mint BIRB is by converting 0xBTC into BIRB!! BIRB tokens can then be converted back to 0xBTC at any time by anyone. Therefore, BIRB is an ‘atomic mutation’ token that is hot-swappable for 0xBTC. This means that it already has a great deal of liquidity and a large community already behind it — a community focused on neutrality, trustlessness, decentralization, and the elimination of central banking from Ethereum.

Join us on our quest noble Ethereum Warriors as we spread the verve of trustless neutrality across the entire blockchain. BIRBS FOREVER 🐦